Who was the beloved disciple who wrote the Gospel of John is answered in The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved a new book anyone can download online as a free printable Bible study. Who was the disciple whom Jesus loved? The evidence in the Bible proves that this beloved disciple was not John The fourth Gospel (a.k.a. the Gospel of John) says the author was the other disciple whom Jesus loved
The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved is a book that reveals the identity of the unnamed writer of the fourth Gospel.
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The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved

The Gospel of John Top Ten:
Reasons to trust the Bible
over the traditions of men

# 10 - The numbers game.
A lot of people believe mud-to-man evolution, but the mere fact that a lot of people believe a thing is true does not make it so.
# 9 - The status game.
Most scholars teach mud-to-man evolution, but the mere fact that most scholars might teach a thing is true, does not make it so.
# 8 - The duration fallacy.
Just because an idea has been around for a long time, does not make it true. An error does not get truer with age.
# 7 - The early church fallacy.
Just because an idea is attributed to the 'early church', does not mean it is true. As we see in the New Testament, the earliest church needed lots of correction (Gal. 3:1, Hbr. 5:12, et.al.).
# 6 - The splinter in your eye?
Perhaps you do not need to check the scriptures, because you could not be wrong. If not, then why not be humble enough to accept biblical correction?
# 5 - To err is human.
God's Word doesn't make mistakes, but humans often make mistakes. This is why we should search the scriptures to make sure it actually says what we think it says.
# 4 - The Bible is the best source for trustworthy answers to Bible questions.
So when you find someone encouraging to put your trust in non-Bible sources or hearsay, be wary and read Psalm 118:8.
# 3 - The Bible is the first source that one should turn to for Bible answers.
If we do not, then we could easily end up reinterpreting the Bible to fit preconceived notions that we have picked up from other sources.
# 2 - If there is not a single verse of scripture that would justify teaching an idea, then why would you believe it?
Is it possible for men today to make "void the word of God" by their "tradition"? If so, then we need to stick to God's word to avoid making this same mistake.
# 1 - If the facts of scripture can actually prove an idea is false, then why would you not let go of that idea?
The choice between truth and tradition can be difficult, as we see in the scriptures. If you love the truth, then you have nothing to fear from a closer look at the Bible.

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